Light Bulb Explosion


In this tutorial series I teach you how I created my very successful Light Bulb Explosion After Effects template in Cinema 4D and After Effects. To download all required tutorial assets, please consider supporting me on Patreon –  thank you:



Series Content


  • Part 01 – Cinema 4D: Rough animatic
  • Part 02 – Cinema 4D: Shatter animation using Voronoi Fracture and dynamics
  • Part 03 – Cinema 4D: Add basic Redshift materials
  • Part 04 – Cinema 4D: Lighting the scene
  • Part 05 – Cinema 4D: Set up a multi pass render in Redshift
  • Part 06 – After Effects: Composite all elements together and apply color correction


Part 02



Part 03



Part 04



Part 05



Part 06



After Effects, Cinema 4D