Introduction to Vellum Fluids

In this tutorial, I will cover the basics of fluid simulations using Vellum. You will learn how to set up fluids in SOPs and DOPs, as well as with the Houdini shelf tools. We will also take a look at the most important attributes for art-directing fluid simulations.


Tutorial Level – Beginner




  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:42 – Scene setup using the Houdini Help
  • 02:51 – Basic Vellum Fluids Simulation in SOPs
  • 07:00 – Basic Vellum Fluids Simulation in DOPs
  • 10:56 – Basic Vellum Fluids Simulation using the Shelf Tools
  • 15:30 – Art Directing Fluids with Viscosity & Surface Tension
  • 20:05 – Filling an Object with Fluids (Fluid Emission)
  • 24:45 – Outro




Fluids, Houdini, Vellum