Epic Sci-Fi Title

Epic Sfi-Fi Title is a science fiction style, cinematic and epic movie title sequence or opener. A fleet of futuristic spaceships is building your text in a galaxy far far away.


The template works with any text & font that features seperated letters (letter that consist of seperated parts).


Template Details
  • FullHD resolution
  • 2 different versions included: dramatic & cinematic version
  • Works with any text
  • Works with any font that features letters with seperated parts (links to used fonts included)
  • Hi-res sci-fi hull textures included (diffuse, specular, luminance, normal, environment)
  • Hi-res space background included
  • Fully customizable through color control panel
  • Element 3D 1.61 & Optical Flares REQUIRED
  • Works with CS5 and above
  • Audio is not included in the download – you can get it from AlexHayrabedian or Milan_Jovovich at audiojungle


Opener, Title